Friday, April 4, 2008

The Saturday Special

insomnia has set in. I'm cruising around looking for memes.

~My Senses Favorites~

1. Favorite Smell?: My husbands aftershave--whatever it is I love it

2. Favorite Landscape View?: Anything green and colorful. After a long gray Pittsburgh winter I'm not picky.

3. Favorite Taste?: SWEET: Chocolate...actually, almost anything sweet. I have a sweet tooth. Cookies, cakes, ice cream, danishes,candies. I'm lucky I'm naturally thin.

How Could I Forget #4???
4. Favorite Sound?: I love the way rain sounds falling on my roof with the soft sound of thunder rumbling in the background early in the morning. Especially if I don't have to get up for work the next day!


Kwizgiver said...

You are lucky you're naturally thin! ;-)

What happened to # 4?

Kwizgiver said...

Love the BAFAB idea--I'm linking to your blog to promote it.

Serena said...

Yeah, you missed question 4. I love chocolates too. And yes, I also like anything sweet but do not have the luxury of staying thin. :(

My Favourite Senses


Jodi said...

I like chocolate too! And yep, what happened to #4??

Have a great Saturday!

Mercedes said...

Anything green is great scenery. Sweets-awesome! I am unlucky that I am not naturally thin-lol!

You can check mine out here

Happy Saturday!

Gina said...

Love your answers and love your blog!

Alison Boon said...

I love the smell of freshly mown grass, and a sea view for me. Loved you pictures of glass, quite evocative

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