Monday, December 31, 2007

WRAP UP: 2007 A - Z Author Challenge

I finished all but four books which isn't too bad since I didn't start counting until July. Here was my final list.

A—The Handmaid’s Tale (Margaret Atwood)
B—In Watermelon Sugar (Richard Brautigan)
C—Girl with a Pearl Earring (Tracy Chevalier)
D—The Madonna’s of Leningrad (Debra Dean)
E—The Black Dahlia (James Ellroy)
F—Place Last Seen (McGuinn Freeman)
G—The Queen’s Fool (Philippa Gregory)
H—The Town that Forgot How to Breathe (Kenneth J. Harvey)
I—Dead Sleep (Greg Iles)
K—The Beekeepers Apprentice (Laurie R. King)
L—The Devil in the White City(Erik Larson)
M—A Dog's Life(Peter Mayle)
N—So Many Books, So Little Time (Sara Nelson)
P—Sister India (Peggy Payne)
Q—Blessings (Anna Quindlen)
R—Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers (Mary Roach)
S—Franny & Zooey (J. D. Salinger)
T—Women of the Silk (Gail Tsukiyama)
V—La Magdalena (William Valtos)
W—Good in Bed (Jennifer Weiner)
Y—Falling Leaves (Adeline Yen-Mah)
Z—The Book Thief (Markus Zusak)


Maggie said...

Congrats! That's some good stats! Happy New Year! ;D

Literary Feline said...

You did very well with this one even with a late start! Way to go!

Juli said...

Thanks!! Happy New Year to you too!

Vicious Trollop said...

Wow, I'm impresed. There are a lot of books in that list I want to read.

How did you like the Queens Fool btw?

I think I'm going to like this blog *smile*

Juli said...

Trollop--I really enjoyed the Queen's Fool. It's a little different from Gregory's other books but still definitely by her/in her style. Worth the read.

book bitches = good blog

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