Saturday, December 22, 2007


Author: William Valtos

Pages: 397

Date: 2002

Genre: Fiction

Personal Rating: 3.5/5

From the back cover:

Private Investigator Theo Nikonos is back. Having been acquitted of a double murder charge, the paranormal detective has left New York and is spending time in Spain, recuperating from his harrowing experience--and recovering from the loss of the woman he loved.

A chance encounter with a mysterious young nun, known only as La Magdalena, turns Theo's vacation into an investigation that unearths the little-known and mysterious world of early Christianity. A conversation with a priest, who tells a story that is stunning in its scope and heretical in its context, turns deadly. Theo realizes that there is someone who will do anything to prevent the revelation of who La Magdalena really is. And who she is will shatter the foundation of the Christian world.

Since The Da Vinci code I’ve been interested in reading books that tie history and religion together into fictional stories. This one had several people waiting for it on the paperbackswap wishlist so I added myself. I was also hooked by a quote on the back cover

“They have confiscated my notes and correspondence, and forbidden me from any
further contact with La Magdalena.” Padre Serrano tilted his head and looked at
me with renewed curiosity…
“Perhaps you were sent to succeed where I have failed.”
“Succeed: I asked?” “Succeed in what?”
“In bringing her story to light. It is an astounding account, on which challenges them most cherished Christian beliefs.”
He paused.
“If it is true.”
He paused again.
“And if you live to write about it.”

Theo Nikonos has to decide (scientifically) if La Magdalena is Mary Magdalena reincarnated. He comes across evidence that would be impossible to fake. Of course there are many other players in the game who are after La Magdalena and you don’t know for sure who is on the side of good and who is one the side of evil until the end.

From the tone of the book Valtos seems to think the Vatican/Catholic church knows a lot more than what it lets on and often acts in its own best interest as opposed to the interested of the people. However, they will say they are acting in the interested of the people.

The story is predictable in some aspects…forbidden lover, chase through cities, escape from seemingly impossible situations. But it has more interesting aspects that allow you to over looks those parts.

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