Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Switching up my 2007 Author Challenge Books

I'm giving up on The World According to Garp for now. I can't get past page 60. I just have too many other books to struggle through one. I do think I'm going to try it again this summer when I'll have longer periods of time to sit at one time and concentrate.

So for my "I" author I'm now using Greg Iles--Dead Sleep. I read 24 Hours and liked it so hopefully this will go a little smoother. I'm also switching my "U" author to John Updike--Terrorist and my "O" to Tim O'Brien--The Things They Carried. I'll read We Were the Mulvaney's for the 2008 challenge instead.

My hubby is going to be in Thailand for the next two weeks so I'll probably get a lot of reading done. I actually have to take him to the airport in an hour or so.

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