Monday, April 14, 2008

More Books

  • The Frantic Woman's Guide to Life (Rulnick & Schneider)
  • The Lost Painting (Jonathan Harr)
  • Anna and the King of Siam (Margaret Landon)
  • Gardening Success
  • Beneath It All (Versel Lewis)
  • The Immortal (Angela Hunt)


Kat said...

We really do have such similar reading tastes :-) you buy all these books or do you use the library? Do you keep all the books you read or pass them along?

Juli said...

Hi Kat, how was vacation?

I buy them. I got all of those (except the gardening one) from 1/2 price books. They were in clearance for a buck each. When I'm done I put them on paper back swap and get "new" ones.

Books are the one thing I "buy". Everyone has there thing!

Kat said...

Vacation was mahvaleous! I am busy trying to get all those pictures loaded (and deciding which to post 'cause there are sooo many). I won't get the underwater ones back until tomorrow though :-(

I end up getting so much from the library...but I ought to do Paper back swap for the ones that I do buy. I usually just give them to friends and say "read this!"

I am working on my 10 on Tuesday list,too. We have another flux of titles in common. I am having a hard time wheedling it down to 10 though!

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