Saturday, March 22, 2008

My 100th POST!!

I read somewhere that it is tradition that for your 100th post you are to list 100 things about yourself. Here they are:

  1. Love chocolate

  2. Teach biology

  3. Hate the feel of brown bags on my bare skin

  4. Was a psych major

  5. Had minors in biology, chemistry, classical, and the history of art & architecture

  6. Am married

  7. Dated my husband for 7 years, then we were engaged for 2 (long term plan)

  8. Drive an X-terrra

  9. Have visited China

  10. Have visited Italy

  11. Finally am a home owner!

  12. Don't like green vegetables

  13. Believe in taking responsibility for your actions

  14. Have a sleep disorder similar to narcolepsy

  15. Love chicken tenders and mashed potatoes with gravy

  16. Like to garden

  17. Have a younger sister

  18. Am considering taking a second job this summer

  19. Cannot sing

  20. Am creative

  21. Am funny

  22. Have a good sense of humor

  23. Can be anxious and a worrier

  24. Will go out of my way to help you

  25. Have gone cliff diving

  26. Am horribly afraid of needles. Not just like close your eyes and don't look. I mean, panic attack, pass out, have to take a shit load of xanax before I have anything done with a needle. I feel a little faint writing about it now

  27. Want to volunteer more

  28. Used to walk dogs for the Animal Rescue League but it made me so sad.

  29. Am sarcastic

  30. Have long, skinny legs.

  31. Have a shelf for a butt!

  32. Love to travel

  33. Enjoy scrap booking

  34. Recently starting blogging and really like it

  35. Am afraid of being alone

  36. Have a dog (Otis) and two cats (Max & Emmy). All rescued

  37. Believe in your right to choose

  38. Would sleep all day if I could

  39. Like to cook if I have time

  40. Am 33

  41. Think Karma can be a bitch

  42. Can be a bitch

  43. Used to have the record for stolen bases at my high school (I don't know if I still do)

  44. Don't know if I want to have kids

  45. Keep cutting my hair shorter and funkier

  46. Am addicted to buying books. I couldn't read all the books I own right now in four years and yet I keep buying them.

  47. Didn't realize writing 100 things about myself would be hard (I don't want to be boring)

  48. Have visited China, New York, Toronto, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Phoenix with my husband

  49. Would like to travel to Africa to do volunteer work with AIDS patients

  50. Am right handed

  51. Can roll my tongue in a hot dog bun

  52. Will stick my hands in dissected animals but get lightheaded if someone talks about an IV

  53. Cannot touch my toes

  54. Cry at dog food commercials and anything sappy or touching

  55. Won't drive without sunglasses, even if its raining or snowing (unless its really bad)

  56. Haven't drank tequila since my 21st birthday

  57. Love to read

  58. Used to only read Stephen King books

  59. Sometimes prefer being around animals instead of people

  60. Would eat at Chic Filet every day if I could. The also have the best cookies and cream milk shakes....mmm....

  61. Used to chew my meat forever when I was a little kid because I was afraid I would choke on it. Then I would throw it or my vegetables under the table if I thought no one was watching

  62. Would like to try being a professional organizer just for the hell of it. Not that I'm great at it or anything

  63. Despise people who are prejudice or bigoted or hatemongers

  64. Am afraid of people who try to push their religion on you

  65. Still like staying over night at my parents house

  66. Am lactose intolerant

  67. Try to inspire my students everyday

  68. Throw good parties

  69. Remember going out to watch lunar eclipses with my dad when I was a little girl. That's when my love of science started

  70. Remember my mom always knew how to fix stuff just as much as my dad and I liked that

  71. Used to be a good athlete, could be again if i started working out

  72. Try to patronize local businesses when possible

  73. Enjoy buying presents for people

  74. Need to be motivated

  75. Like to check my hit counter

  76. Have not kept in touch with any of my friends from high school

  77. Have two tattoos and I'm starting to consider my third

  78. Am currently on crutches. I chipped off part of the bone on the top of my foot. It is sticking perpendicular to the rest of the bone and will be that way forever. They don't do anything for it.

  79. Don't like clowns

  80. Used to play the organ and the xylophone

  81. Did my time as a waitress as I think everyone should at least once

  82. Extinguished a burning centerpiece at my brother-in-laws wedding

  83. Got busted for underage drinking when I had my little sister at college with me for a visit (dumb dumb dumb)

  84. Love to have someone play with my hair

  85. Try to be kind

  86. Had my first kiss at 12

  87. Have my Masters Degree

  88. Have struggled with depression since my 20s

  89. Drink a Diet Cherry Pepsi every morning at work

  90. Have hazel eyes

  91. Like to go shopping

  92. Can be critical

  93. Love bags--big ones, small ones, cheap ones, expensive ones...

  94. Love shoes too

  95. Hate getting up early in the morning

  96. Hope people are proud of me

  97. I've had chicken pox twice, and then I've also had shingles.

  98. Think I'm cool

  99. Try not to live in the past or worry about the future (notice I said try)

  100. Am glad you read all 100 of these

Wow...I can't believe how quick this post came! Thanks to everyone who has read along!


Literary Feline said...

Congratulations on reaching your 100th post! I enjoyed reading your list of 100 things.

Jeane said...

Congrats! That was really fun to read. I don't know if I could think of 100 interesting things about myself.

Juli said...

Thanks ladies!

Maw Books said...

Fun! Does the narcolepsy (sp?) thing hit you when you're reading? That would be so sad!

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