Sunday, March 9, 2008

Book Review: The Silver Rose

Author: Susan Carroll

Pages: 515

Genre: Fiction/Historical Romance

Personal Rating: 3.5/5

From the back cover:

From Brittany’s fog-shrouded forests to the elegant dark heart of Paris’s royal court, one woman must challenge a country’s destiny–and her own dangerous fate.

France, 1585. She is the youngest and most powerful of the “Sisters of Faire Isle,” women known far and wide for their extraordinary mystical abilities. Skilled in healing and able to forecast the future of those around her, Miri Cheney has returned to her ancestral home to take refuge from a land devastated by civil war–and to grieve for her family, driven to exile. But she cannot hide from the formidable new power threatening to seize control of France from the dread “Dark Queen,” Catherine de Medici–a diabolical woman known only as the Silver Rose. Miri has no choice but to turn to the one man she distrusts as much as she desires: Simon Aristide, the charismatic witch-finder who is now himself the hunted, and who has reluctantly made an unholy pact with Catherine. Miri must defy throne and family to save all that she loves most–and command a future greater than she could ever imagine.

Vibrant with stunning historical detail, alive with characters as richly passionate as they are compelling, The Silver Rose is a sweeping, exquisitely wrought tale from a mesmerizing storyteller.

This novel was different from what I would normally choose to read for myself. I was expecting something along the lines of “The Other Boleyn Girl” but it was different from that. Not bad different, just different. I also found the back cover description to be not quite accurate to what actually happens in the book. Doesn’t change that I really liked the story but it alludes to a story that doesn’t really happen “that way”. It states that Miri will “command a future greater than she could ever imagine.” Huh??? Where? What commanding future did I miss? A little melodramatic on the back cover in my opinion.

It turns out that I started with the 3rd book in the series. So I may have enjoyed this book even more had I read the two prior to this one. Those books would be “The Dark Queen” and “The Courtesan”. Both of which I have, I just didn’t realize they were a series until it was too late. Bummer.

This novel had a little bit of everything; magic, romance, history, action, animals, family, different cities, betrayal, witches, queens. It was a simple, quick, interesting read. Something nice and light to read between those heavier more serious reads. A good recommendation for the type of book it is. Don’t try to make it something more. I’m looking forward to going backward and reading the two books that came before this one.

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