Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday 5: Isn't it Time You Applied Yourself?

  1. What was the last thing you filled out a written application for?

  2. A teaching position at my husband's school district. I didn't get it. That was OK, I still had my current teaching job. I was just looking for one closer to home.

  3. What computer application software last impressed you with what it could do?

  4. MyPublisher Bookmaker. I made my husband a wedding gift in 2005 of his trip to China. I just checked out the site again this year and they've made major improvements to their software

  5. Where did you last apply a Band-Aid?

  6. My toe. Instead of using clippers to trim my nails I just ripped one off...

  7. What’s a rule that applies to many people in your life but not to you?

  8. Mental illness is a true illness that can't simply be overcome by strenth, will power or just working at it. I loathe people who think that way, yet have a hard time cutting myself a break when I'm having a difficult time with my depression. Its OK and many time necessary to take mediccations for depression. I believe this as a biology teacher and pscyh major but sometimes just can't apply it to myself. But I NEVER feel that way towards other. How is that possible????

  9. When were you last required to apply some elbow grease to something?

  10. Every stinking time I walk since I broke my ankle!
I'd love to read your answers. Let me know if you played.

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