Saturday, March 1, 2008

HELP! Are you able to leave me a comment?

When I click on the comment link the window doesn't open.

If you've been here and tried to leave a comment somewhere could you RIGHT CLICK ON THE COMMENT LINK, to leave a comment and let me know?

Also, if anyone knows how to fix this I would really appreciate it!

I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting ANY comments. :(

Edited To Add--I think I figured it out. They were never previously opening in a pop up window but on a different page. When i switched to the three column layout the "pop up window button" somehow was selected but was not supposed to be.

I would still be curious to know if you tried to leave a comment previously and couldn't. Anyone? Anyone? ;)



Marg said...

I see you are currently reading The Silver Rose. I just love that whole series!

I think that there is something not quite right though. Your comments page takes forever to load and the visual verification thing isn't showing the picture. I had to try a couple of times to be able to finally post the comment. That could be just a general thing, but it was what happened to me!

Juli said...

Thanks! I'm going to turn off the verification to see if that helps.

I'm enjoying the Silver Rose so far. I just realized as I started reading it was part of a series. I have no idea where Silver Rose falls.

Marg said...

The Silver Rose is the third book in the series. The books in order are:

The Dark Queen
The Courtesan
The Silver Rose
The Huntress

There is supposed to be a fifth book out this year which is to be called Twilight of a Queen.

It was definitely easier to comment this time.

Juli said...

of course i start with the third one! oh well... :)

Jeane said...

Yes, I tried to leave comments on two previous posts and couldn't do it. I saw the right-click note but that didn't work for me, either. Glad you figured it out, how frustrating!

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