Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekly Geeks # 2

I'm a little late getting around to the challenge this week but that is OK. This weeks idea is borrowed from Darla at Books and Other Thoughts

I'm going to offer to link to any book reviews that you and I have both reviewed! Just leave the link in the comment of that post and I'll add it to the post.

So check out my side bar for books I've finished this year. I have them crossed out under my challenges. I've reveiwed most of them. Have you reviewed any of them???? you can email me pandabear 102205 at gmail dot com and I'll link them for you! I've been working on another blog called Running Book List where it lists all my books with my reviews but it is far from complete. (yet)

Dewey wrote that she liked this idea for three reasons (and I agree)

1. As a blog reader, I like that I can have my review linked in someone else’s blog.

2. As a blog reader, I like that if I’m interested in a book Darla writes about, there will be other reviews linked at the bottom of the page, so I can get other viewpoints.

3. As a blog writer, when I review a book, I often remember that I read someone else’s review at some point, but whose? And when? With Darla’s method, people tell her about their reviews, and she can see what they had to say about a book that is still fresh in her mind.

So feel free to commment in any of my old reviews and in any of my future ones and I'll add the link to your review!


Jeane said...

I really like this idea! But, so far, we don't seem to have reviewed any of the same books. You've written of some I've read but not reviewed yet myself, though.

Juli said...

I seem to be having the same problem when I visit other blogs! I'm sure once people get used to the idea it will flow pretty smoothly.

Bummer that we don't have one book...

Marg said...

I have several reviews in common with you!

I will email them off to you shortly.

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