Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Salon # 6

This has been a much more productive reading week for me. I finished The Blind Assassin and Uglies AND wrote reviews for both of them! I also finished listening to the Marvelous Land of Oz. I also started two new books and I'm decently through both of them.

I still need to write my review for Bel Canto and both Oz books.

Blind Assassin Review
Uglies Review


Magic Study: Maria Snyder. On page 236/416. This books is # 2 in the series. I loved #1 Poison Study (here is my review). The only problem is once I get finished this one I know I'm going to want to jump right into book #3 and ignore all of my beautiful lists and challenges and school work, chores and obligations! Magic, romance, adventure, empowered women, mystery, suspense...there is a little of everything I enjoy all wrapped up in one nice book.

Parasite Rex: Carl Zimmer. On page 41/245 (but I did read the prologue and it is an additional 14 pages). I said to my hubby "you know you're married to a geek, I'm about to start a book about parasites and I'm so excited about it" his response... "uh huh" and the typical husband look when I'm being when I stopped on the Great Wall of China to crawl around taking pictures of frogs. What can I say, I'm a biology teacher and I find parasites fascinating. Zimmer is a fantastic writer, I guess a "scientific journalist." When he writes you don't even realize he is talking science. Now I am biased about this stuff but I think must people would find this fascinating in a gross, disgusting type of way.


The Innocence of Father Brown by G. K. Chesterton

The Innocence of Father Brown (1911) is the first of five collections of mystery stories by G. K. Chesterton. Each collection is then broken down into many short and I think independent stories. Even though I've been listening to it for days I'm only on story # 2. I keep falling asleep. Whoever is narrating it has such a soothing voice and I do listen to it at night. I may need to abandon this book. It is not for lack of interest. The stories are very long and I keep falling asleep. I need something broken into smaller chapters so I can keep track of where I am.

Here is the link to my intro post if you want to check it out.

WHAT I BOUGHT THIS WEEK (what showed up from PaperBack Swap)
  • The Exiled: Posie Graeme-Evans

The Blind Assassin gave me a check mark for

  • "A" author for A - Z Reading Challenge
  • Book Around the World Challenge
  • Book Awards Reading Challenge
  • Orbis Terrarum
  • Spring Reading Thing 2008
Uglies gave me a check for
  • "W" author for A - Z Reading Challenge
  • Spring Reading Thing 2008
  • Young Adult Reading challenge

I completed the Book Awards Reading Challenge 12/12. I'll be posting a wrap up soon.

I joined the 1% Well Read Challenge and I'm continuing the Series Challenge with Season 2!


Anonymous said...

You are rockin' in the reading department! I have got to stay off the internet!

SmallWorld Reads said...

I can SO relate to the "I keep falling asleep" part!! It's rarely a bad book, or movie, it's just: I keep falling asleep!

Megan said...

I have been listening to Uglies on audio and have been loving it. I hope to find a paper copy of it soon. There is so much I want to grasp on to it is hard just listeningn to it floating through the air.

I really want to read The Blind Assassin but I don't ow it yet. I will be reading Cat's Eye later in the month and hopefully The Handmaiden's Tale next month. I have really loved the Margaret Atwood short stories and poems I have read but have been hesitant to jump into her books for fear of falling out of love.

Literary Feline said...

I am glad it was a much more productive reading week for you! It was for me too, although I didn't get nearly as much read as you did. :-)

I'm looking forward to your review of Bel Canto. I hope to get to that this year. Maybe. If time permits.

Have a great week, Juli!

Juli said...

If all goes well at my Dr. appt. Wednesday I'll go back to teaching on Thursday. So i'm cramming to get all my planning done AND trying to enjoy some time reading when I have to take a pain pill or can't sleep (like now). Once I go back to teaching I'll just stare at my books longingly. Unless I blow of my lesson planning and grading they just get shoved to the back banner. BUT last day for kids is June 4 and then I'm free all summer to read and work on our house. :)

Oh yeah, I just finished Magic Study. Cha chink! Now I'm of to the lovely land of parastic infection. it will lull me to sleep. lol

I'm afraid of the Bel Canot review. I'm afraid I won't do a good job. The book was so good.

gautami tripathy said...

I am on page 265/637 of The Blind Assassin. I really plan to finish it this week. It is taking me a long time. The Handmaid's Tale was cakewalk! I will read your review after I finish mine.

We can link each other then!

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