Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Series Challenge Season 2

Kathrin is hosting the 2nd Season of the Series Challenge. I was counting on this! When I signed up for Season 1 she said she would probably have an extension. I knew I would never read all 6 of my Orson Scott Card books in the allotted time period. I just had too many other challenges going on. So I jumped in, crossed my fingers and hoped she would extend the challenge so I could finish on time!

Here is officially the 2nd Season!!!

Again, the challenge will be for 6 months, from June 1st, 2008 until November 30th, 2008.

And the rules are:

1. There is no set number of books you have to read, you just have to read the books so that you are all up-to-date with the series.

2. Post your review of the books on your blog, no matter how long.

3. Post a link to your reviews with the Mr Linky that I will set up as soon as this challenge starts.

4. Always remember this is for fun!
Here are the books I'm reading (they cross over with the Cardathon Challenge)


1. Seventh Son (Alvin Maker) completed 1.11.08
2. Red Prophet completed 3.11.08
3. Prentice Alvin completed 4.12.08
4. Alvin Journeyman
5. Heartfire
6. The Crystal City

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