Sunday, February 10, 2008

Book Review: The Reckoning (Blood of the Lamb)

Author: Thomas Monteleone

Pages: 419

Genre: Fiction/Thriller

Personal Rating: 3.5/5

From the back cover:

Reeling from the sudden death of the Pope during an international celebration, the Archbishophs of the Roman Catholic Church unanimously elect Peter Carenza, a charismatic young priest from the United States, to be the next Pontiff. Carenza has revitalized the Church in America, attracting new worshippers in droves to his scandal-free, countrywide congregation.

Carenza remakes the Church in his new image, allowing priests to marry, giving power to women, and preaching of the power of God in man - which Carenza himself seems to wield. He can heal the sick, summon lightning from a clear sky, even raise the dead.

Is Peter Carenza the long prayed-for Second Coming?
Or do his powers come from a darker Master?

As you read through the book you come to learn the Peter Carenza has been cloned from blood taken from the Shroud of Turin. He was implanted into a virgin nun who plays an important role as the story unfolds. High ranking officials in the Vatican have been trying to play God and now they are unsure whether Peter is falling to the side of good or evil.

Peter’s mother (the virgin nun), his “fiancé”, and a few dissident officials, flee the Vatican in an attempt to literally save the world. Apparently there are seven “righteous” people, and as long as one of those people lives, the world can never end. However, to show God that the human race wants to continue they, the 7 righteous, must open a set of seals that are in 7 locations all over the world. Peter has set out to destroy them.

This book is not a literary masterpiece but it was a page turner and interesting to watch the interaction of the inherently good and the inherently evil. I also enjoyed see how the Bible and different cultures were incorporated. Although the ending was predictable (to a certain degree) there were definitely surprises on the way to it!

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